Reseller Program

As ISP, Web hosting provider, or ASP you are entitled to resell RADpage to your customers.

You probably have a lot of customers looking for dynamic features on their Web sites, like databases, forums, shopping carts, etc. RADpage allows your customers to add dynamic features to their sites simply using their web browser. Once RADpage is installed users can maintain their dynamic pages, add or remove features, without help from the ISP and even without installing client side software.

RADpage is component based, i.e. it contains a lot of (mini-) applications called components. RADpage currently includes libraries of more than 150 ready to use components. These include many database functions, a completely functional shopping cart and a product database. Starting with simple one-component applications, multiple components can be seamlessly combined to create very powerful web applications.

We recommend to sell RADpage for a one time set up fee (or some monthly fee) per Web server. This includes the license to use RADpage on one of your virtual Web servers and a single copy of the RADpage Developer version. Unlike other kind of server extensions, this includes all the software your customers need to make use of RADpage.

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