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H.E.I. Informationssysteme GmbH
Wimpfener Straße 23
68259 Mannheim

Sales Tax ID: DE185233091
HRB Mannheim 7273

Geschäftsführer: Dr. Helmut Emmelmann
Wimpfener Straße 23, 68259 Mannheim, Germany, Tel. +49 - 621 - 795141

Responsible w.r.t the German TMG law: Dr. Helmut Emmelmann,
Wimpfener Straße 23, 68259 Mannheim, Germany, Tel. +49 - 621 - 795141

Contact us:

Phone: +49 - 621 - 795141
Fax: +49 - 621 - 795161
Web: Main Company - Internet Web Site Mannheim ( in German

The European Commission has established an online platform for alternative dispute resolutions that provides for an out-of-court method to solve any dispute related to and stemming from online sale and service contracts We are not obligated and we refuse to participate in out-of-court dispute resolution.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I. H.E.I. provides support, tools, and services like Webdesign in Mannheimm, the HTML/CSS 3D WebGL Animation Library taccgl, 3D Webdesign, and 3D Product Configurator (3D Produkt Konfigurator in German).

Selected blog articles : 3D Objects on HTML pages, CSS Transition Visibility, and CSS Transition Display.

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