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Welcome to the RADpage Web Pages!

RADpage combines XML with the power and the simplicity of the Rapid Application Development approach for dynamic, data-driven Web applications directly from the browser - without requiring a client-dependent development environment. RADpage is a family of software products that include Web server middleware, ready to use Web application components, a user friendly browser based Web authoring environment for developing dynamic Web sites, and a powerful HTML/XML based object-oriented programming language called heitml (pronounced "Hi"-TML). The browser based operation of RADpage provides immediate feedback that the application actually runs as intended, allowing the developer to debug the application dynamically instead of requiring the edit-save-browse cycle associated with conventional client-side development environment.

With RADpage, you can create interactive Web pages, database-driven sites, e-commerce applications and more. You can compose applications using components that come with the package, freely customize them, or you can develop custom components and applications. RADpage allows newcomers and programmers alike to deliver dynamic content and develop interactive database applications without programming cumbersome CGIs.

RADpage's browser-based development offers several advantages not found in other Web application tools.

  • Development works directly on the target application. All RADpage components, heitml scripts, and client side scripts stay functional while using RADpage.
  • RADpage is automatically accessible from all platforms (that support decent Web browsers), independent of operating system or architecture.
  • Development works remotely. RADpage does not need to be installed on the client machine but can be used directly on the server.
  • The user can choose to store pages as XML or as HTML with embedded XML tags. In the first case XML editors in the second case standard HTML editors can be used to edit the page layout.

RADpage is well suited as an additional service that hosting providers provide to their customers, since applications can be installed remotely with a browser based interface. As a customer of a RADpage enabled ISP, you can create and modify pages directly on the server from any computer connected to the Internet.

The heitml programming language is an object-oriented extension of HTML. Since it was especially designed for Web applications the development process is simpler and faster than using the traditional CGI approach. Because of its similarity to XML and HTML heitml is easy to learn for HTML designers. On the other hand heitml is a full-blown object-oriented programming language. (For specialists: read the heitml Language Reference or the Language Guide or the white paper on object-oriented heitml)

RADpage Components are existing mini-applications you can use in designing a Web site. Using RADpage, the Web designer has over 150 ready to use component to choose from including

  • Web Site Outlining and Menu Generation
  • Adaptive Components for Dynamic Content
  • Database Displays and Scrollers
  • Query Forms and Database Searches
  • Database Forms to Insert, Modify, and Delete Database Records
  • Web Page Counters
  • Forms Handlers for Accepting and Checking User Input
  • Shopping Cart Applications

Components can be freely combined on a single page to build very powerful applications. To enable further customization programs can be integrated using object-oriented inheritance and other mechanisms. All components are programmed in heitml and provided in source code.

This means RADpage is beneficial for HTML-Designers without programming knowledge as well as for programmers. Designers probably will use the included component libraries, while programmers can additionally create programs and components.

The menu on the left-hand side of the screen will help you navigate our Web Site in an organized and methodical manner. The Component Guide explains the available components and the Programming section contains a Language Guide and a Language Reference.

Naturally, you'll want to know whether RADpage runs on the specific Operating System, Web Server, or SQL database software you're currently using, and you'll find all that information in our Supported Platforms section.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I.

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