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RADpage for Internet Service Providers

RADpage is very well suited as an add-on service for ISPs. In contrast to other tools RADpage supports fully server-based operation. This means your customers can develop and install Web applications directly on your server without buying and installing a separate tool on their PC. RADpage offers a growing library of application components and wizards that your clients can put on their Web sites.

In contrast to specific applications that provide Web-based setup, RADpage is a uniform approach to setting up and customizing applications via the Web. Customers can select the right applications from the Web-based component library and flexibly combine various application components. This flexibility enables the users to create a broad variety of applications.

Naturally RADpage can also be used the traditional way. Customers can the download RADpage Developer version, create an application and then upload it to your server. They still enjoy RADpage on the server for last minute changes and debugging.

As a full service ISP you can use RADpage to program and install applications on your clients Web sites. You can even create your own application components and install them using RADpage

Technically RADpage and heitml fully support virtual hosts and everything else that is required to run several clients on a single server. The heitml interpreter does not allow uploaded applications to access the servers file system and so solves many security problems of CGI scripts.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I.

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