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Quick Summary of heitml Features and Benefits

RAD Development Environment (RADpage)
Select components in a Web-based catalog
and add components to your pages by a mouse click
or by new HTML/XML tags.
View and adjust Component Properties
Delete, Move and Copy Components
Development Environment
Browser Based RAD (Rapid Application Development)
Editing on fully functional application
Online Editing directly on the Server
Offline Editing using the Developer Version
Debugging Support for heitml Pages
Colored Syntax Highlighting
Error Tracking System in Production Mode
Design Features
Development of Web Applications using HTML Style Tags
Development of Dynamic and Interactive Content
Creation of Structured and Modular Web Sites
Use of Predefined and User-defined Tag Libraries
Component Features
Multiple Independent Components per Page
Nested Components
Conditional and Repeated Component Display
Interactive Components on Server Side
Persistent Components
Event driven Components
Cooperating Components using Messages
URL base and secure session based Messages
Component Libraries
Email Forms
Database Browsing
Database Display
Shopping Cart
Tree Structured Web Site Outline
Conditional Components
Repeatable Layouts
Programming Features
Powerful Web Database Programming Language
Flexible Dynamic Tuple Data Structures
Embedded Database Formatting and Manipulation
Fully Integrated with HTML
Session Handling Embedded in the Programming Language
Transaction Handling Embedded in the Programming Language
Full 32-Bit ODBC Support
Internal Precompilation for High Speed Processing
High Speed Scanning and Parsing Techniques
Reentrant, Multi-threaded Operation
High Speed Handling of Session Data
Very Long Timeouts of Session Data Possible
Session Data can be any Complex Data Structure
Automatic Session Garbage Collection
Complete Browser Compatibility because of Server Side Operation
Compatible CGI Interface
Direct high speed ISAPI Integration on Windows
Direct high speed APACHEAPI Integration on UNIX

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