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RADpage / heitml Web Design

H.E.I. uses heitml and its components to create custom, interactive and database driven Web sites. In fact, heitml is well suited for this purpose and so helps to reduce costs because:

  • existing components can be reused, thereby sometimes drastically reducing the amount of custom programming needed for a project,
  • heitml is designed exclusively for Web & intranet programming, therefore having advantages over other ad hoc tools, and general scripting languages
  • heitml is a full-fletched programming language, providing all the flexibility needed to dynamically respond to customer requests.
Due to heitml's advanced capabilities, custom applications can be created much more efficiently than with conventional techniques. This directly benefits the customer, ultimately reflected in the maintainability of Web site pages, as well as the total cost of designing and creating a custom application.

Read more about that in German Webdesign (in Mannheim) or just to estimate the cost.

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