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RADpage for Content Management

RADpage is the ideal tool to build customer specific content management systems and portal solutions. RADpage in itself is not a ready to run content-management system or portal. RADpage is more, a very flexible and powerful component tool and library. Plugging together RADpage components allows much more flexibly to create a custom content management system or portal.

H.E.I. uses this approach in our custom development projects and we support partners and customers in doing so in their projects. In addition to the standard RADpage product we can deliver

  • additional components in the area of personalization, internet shops, news-letters, new, glossary, classification, version control, collaboration etc.
  • specifically customized versions of RADpage for using RADpage as an editor inside a content management system or as a configuration tools for a portal. Typically RADpage is customized to restict editing (for certain user groups) to selected parts of a page and to simplify the user interface for end users.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I. See "Was ist AJAX? " (in German). In Germany H.E.I. provides Webdesign in Mannheim and Web Programming (Programmierung).
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