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heitml Programming

Using the heitml programming language enables you to create very powerful applications, like the RADpage editor itself, which is programmed in heitml. Also all components are programmed in heitml and are included as source code in the package.

There are various ways to combine applications created with RADpage with your own programs. In fact this is the strong point about RAD compared to a simple application environment:

  • You can program button actions and event hooks of RADpage components.
  • You can dynamically calculate component parameters, display and hide components, or freely use components in your heitml programs.
  • You can modify the bahaviour of existing components by using object oriented inheritance to override methods.
  • You can create your own set of components that can be reused and combine freely with all other RADpage components. Note that all RADpage components are included as source code.

To learn more about object oriented programming of web applications we have created the hello world program in very different programming styles. Note that only the full object oriented style allows components to be freely combined and nested on a single page, and yet react appropiately on user input, see our white paper.

The rest of this section gives an introduction into the heitml programming language. The Programming Tutorial gives an introduction into heitml. See the Language Guide to learn heitml programming and the Language Reference for detailed information.

The Tryout Form is a good place to go when you want to experiment with new ideas and see how they run, without launching a text editor and creating a separate test page.

The Demonstration page contains a few short, practical examples of interactive applications programmed years ago in non-object oriented style. They work great and are good examples to learn the heitml language. You will notice, however, that similar applications can be created in several minutes plugging togehter object oriented RADpage components.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I. See "Was ist AJAX? " (in German). In Germany H.E.I. provides Webdesign in Mannheim and Web Programming (Programmierung).
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