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New Features of heitml 2.1.4

This version is available for some newer versions of Linux. For the postgres database system this version of heitml supports and uses the new "escape string" feature (E'...') of postgres. The postgres rpm installation on SuSE now per default uses TCP/IP sockets for communication with the postgres server.

New Features of heitml 2.1.3

This version is available for some newer versions of Linux. No new features have been introduced.

New Features of heitml 2.1.2

This version is available for some newer versions of Linux. No new features have been introduced.

New Features of heitml 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 contains some new features for the heitml Interpreter. New features for RADpage and the heitml library have been postponed until version 3.0.
  • heitml now supports Apache version 2.2.
  • the new fileio module provides functions for fileio on the server
  • the new request module provides functions for performing http(s) and ftp requests
  • the new regexpression module provides various functions for string processing using regular expressions

New Features of heitml 2.1

Version 2.1 introduces various small improvements on the RADpage user interface:

  • opening and closing component attributes
  • much improved handle positioning
  • improved docked mode
  • significantly improved WYSIWYG editing

heitml now supports Apache version 2. The UNIX database interface now uses ODBC (unixODBC) to access various databases.

New Features of heitml 2.05

Version 2.05 is a bug fix release.

New Features of heitml 2.04

Version 2.04 introduces a completely new look and feel for RADpage when used with Internet Explorer 5.5 and newer. Please just try it out an see for yourself.

In addition handling of the browsers Back key was improved and various bugs were resolved.

RADpage now supports Netscape 7 and the SAP database.

New Features of heitml 2.03

Version 2.03 as a maintenance release does not introduce significant new features but contains many bug fixes.

The cooperation with SSL has been improved and now runs as smothly as without SSL, even in development mode. RADpage has a smarter menu now and asks to save changed files on exit rather than just keeping them open for the next session. Problems with the back button of IE have been fixed. fieldselect now shows the option text even in display mode and formbutton passes on attributes even in link layout.

Version 2.03 now runs with IE 6.0, Netscape 6.1 and 6.2, Windows Apache HTTP Server, Windows Sambar Server, Windows Me, Windows XP, RedHat 7.1, SuSE 7.2, and SuSE 7.3.

New Features of heitml 2.02

Editing functions inside RADpage itself (using Internet Exporer) have been drastically improved. Now components that contain other components can be edited WYSIWYG. So you have the choice to WYSIWYG edit a small component of your page while viewing all the generated layout or to WYSIWYG edit the complete page body component (see the edit menu). RADpage now uses the WYSIWYG editing functions of IE 5.5 that are much more powerful than IE 5.0. The new plain editing mode (Internet Explorer) hides all handles (showing the page exactly as it appears to a user). Clicking on a component itself (not the handle) will show the component, double clicking WYSIWYG edits the component. RADpage now needs significant less bandwidth during editing. Drag/Drop mode is now enabled by default (since it no longer imposes a bandwidth panelty).

You can now download an automatic setup script for the CGI version. It installs RADpage on a unix based ISP that supports CGI and a database. The setup is totally automatic, selecting the right version, downloading it from our server, setting the right parameters and installing it.

RADpage now has a save (and revert function). Changes on a page become visible immediately to you while ordinary visitors of your site see the original version until you use "Save" (in the File menu). Note that RADpage does not loose opened pages when being closed. After restarting RADpage you can continue editing or save your changes.

Several bugs have been fixed. heitml does no longer interfere with the HTML object tag and it produces better error messages if the session or code directory is not configure correctly. The JavaScript code of RADpage now avoids using certain browser features that causes some browsers to frequently crash.

RADpage/heitml have been tested with apache 1.3.14, RedHat 7, and IE 5.0 on MAC. It was also adapted (in a first step) to Netscape 6/Mozilla 5/Gecko. Drag/Drop and Preview/Inpage editing as well as support for Composer are not yet available for this browser. Note that it takes the browser a while to start the component editor's JavaScript code, during that time the browser appears frozen and does not react on user input; after loading it runs fine hoever..

New Features of heitml 2.01 and 2.0

RADpage is based on the Web programming language and middleware heitml (pronounced hi-tee-em-el). heitml brings the programming power into the RADpage tool. RADpage includes a new version of heitml, heitml 2.0. This page describes the improvements of heitml 2.0 over the former 1.2.3 version.


The heitml language has been extended by object-oriented features. They lay the foundation to implement interactive components and rapid application programming (see the white paper) . heitml now comes with Component Class Libraries, all of which are written in heitml. Components can be added to pages using the HTML/XML tag syntax or by using RADpage.

Components can be combined with heitml programs using various mechanisms such as inheritance, messages, and method calls. In addition users can create new components by writing an appropriate heitml class or they can adapt existing components by using the object-oriented inheritance mechanism.

Several compatibility features have been added to heitml so that HTML tags can be redefined by the user and to manipulate existing HTML pages. Also XML syntax features have been added allowing the user to write pages in well formed XML.

heitml files are now automatically preprocessed on the first request. Subsequent requests then just read the intermediate code from file and no longer need to parse the original heitml page. This drastically increases the heitml processing speed.

Programming Environment

heitml 1 did not contain a programming environment. heitml 2 now comes with RADpage.


heitml 2.0 comes with a completely new object-oriented class library. It contains more than 150 components useful for a great variety of tasks. Component are structured into

Programming Language

In addition to the major improvements discussed above, other new features worthy of note are:

  • heitml is now an object-oriented language and supports Objects, Methods, and Classes.
  • Using the inherit tag and the defclass tag classes can be defined.
  • The heitml 1 tuple data type became an object data type. Each object belongs to exactly one class. Objects created with the (heitml 1) emptytuple operator automatically belong to the predefined Object Class.
  • heitml supports page local session variables named see Sessions
  • defautoclose and defhtml can be used to define tags that are parsed according to HTML rules. This way HTML tags can be redefined.
  • defwysiwyg supports WYSIWYG editing
  • for and forin loops
  • writefile tag to send output to a file
  • heitml strings can now be up to 2GB in size, allowing long text and picture data to be stored
  • New relational operators &lt, &gt, &le, &ge more
  • The new '...' syntax can be used in formal parameter lists. It accepts any possible additional actual parameters. more
  • The new '@' syntax can be used in formal parameter lists. It puts all following formal parameters into an object. more
  • heitml now supports the XML Empty Element Syntax .(e.g. <br/>) when calling user defined tags.
  • heitml now ignores XML processing instructions of the form
  • heitml include tag syntax is now XML compatible
  • defremovecdata is used in the heitmlprog and heitmlparaprog components to ignore XML CDATA declarations
  • The heitml pages in the tutorial are now well formed XML

Built-in Functionality

Supported Platforms

  • heitml now comes as a self-contained Developer Version. It is no longer necessary to install any Web server software to develop heitml pages. This feature alone greatly simplifies the Windows installation and setup process.
  • heitml now supports Apache version 1.3.

Migration to heitml 2.0

Read here on how to migrate your heitml 1 application to heitml 2.1.

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