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Format: http_header (header-name, value)

Format of specialized function Format of http_header equivalent

http_content_type (m)
http_empty_document ()
http_expires (dateRFC1123)
http_last_modified (dateRFC1123)
http_location (URL)
http_set_cookie (cookie)
http_header("Content-Type", m)
http_header("Content-Length", "0")
http_header("Expires", dateRFC1123)
http_header("Last-Modified", dateRFC1123)
http_header("Location", URL)
http_header("Set-Cookie", cookie)

Purpose: These functions modify the response header that is sent to the client. The header-name and value parameters are header name/value combinations allowed in response headers to clients. For a detailed description of response headers see RFC-2068 which defines the HTTP/1.1 protocol. See also the strftime() function to compute the dateRFC1123 parameter for the http_expires() and http_last_modified() functions.

Note: The only heitml code that is interpreted before sending the response header to the client, are the _init methods of objects derived from base class object. Thus, header modifications functions can only be called from there.


<def expirenow; inherit object;
   def _init;
      http_expires((strftime ("%a, %d %b %Y %X GMT", gmtime(caltime()))));

Tip: heitml also provides components for response header modifications (see Component Guide).

Caution! A call to the http_empty_document() function or setting a header with Content-Length: 0 may cause some browser/server combinations to hang after the heitml request has been done.

See Also: http_request_header(), strftime().

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