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Format: resize (object, logsize, physize)

Purpose: Resizes an object. The object parameter must denote an object. The logsize and physize parameters must be integers. If physize is a value less than logsize, physize is set to the value of logsize. The resized object will contain logsize fields. To avoid object reallocation each time the object is extended, a physize value greater than logsize indicates that the object should actually provide physize fields. Thus, the object is only reallocated if its current number of physically allocated fields is less than physize.

Return Values: This function doesn't return a value.


<let a=array(1);   // array has 1 element.
 resize(a, 12, 15);// array has 12 elements,
                   // but memory already allocated for 15 elements.
 resize(a, 14);    // array has 14 elements, but resize did not do
                   // any memory reallocation.

See Also: array().

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