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Format: substring ( string, start [ , end ] )

Purpose: Get a substring of a string. The parameter string must be a string, parameters start and end must be integers. If parameter end is not given, it defaults to the length of the string. If start or end are less than 0, they are set to 0. If start or end are greater than the length of the string, they are set to the length of the string. If start is greater than end, it is set to end.

Return Values: Returns a substring of string starting at position start and ending at position end -1. Positions are counted from left to right starting with 0. If start is equal to end an empty string is returned.


input:resulting output:
<? substring ("Hello World",4)>o World
<? substring ("Hello World",4,8)>o Wo
<? substring ("Hello World",4,2)>

Tip: The TuSlice() function does the same operation on objects.

See Also: TuSlice(), subst().

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