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Format: directory ( path [, filter ] )

Purpose: Get the contents of a directory. The parameters path and filter must be of type string. The path parameter denotes the file path for which the contents should be retrieved. The filter parameter is a string which can contain:

  • D, to get only entries which are a directory,
  • B, to ignore entries "." (current directory) and ".." (parent directory).

Return Values: Returns an object where each field name corresponds to an entry in the directory denoted by path. The field value indicates the file attributes of the entry which is a string at the moment that can contain:

  • D, if the directory entry is a directory.
The function returns null if the path does not exist or is not accessible.

Configuration: The function is not allowed in secure mode.

See Also: copyfile(), deletefile(), mkdir(), movefile(), readFileLines(), stat(), utime(), writefile.

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