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Format: ArConcat(array, array1, array2 ...)

Purpose: Concatenates two or more arrays. The array array1 is concatenated at the end of the array denoted by array. All field names contained in array1 are deleted. If array1 is not an array or object, it is treated as a single data element and is simply appended to the end of array. You can also concatenate multiple arrays with a single call to this function by separating them by commas as shown above.

Return Values: The function returns the array denoted by array.


<let a=array(2);      // Declare an empty array
 a[0]=1; a[1]=2;      // Assign values
 ArConcat (a,a,3);    // Concatenate a and append 3
 ? "Array a now contains: "; ? a;
resulting output:
Array a now contains: ([0]=1, [1]=2, [2]=1, [3]=2, [4]=3)

See Also: array(), ArAppend(), ArSearch().

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