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for Designers

RADpage is not a layout or graphic design editor so it is not the central tool for graphic designers. However RADpage becomes important when in comes into integrating nicely designed Web sites with database applications: RADpage allows you yourself to add application components to your pages. So you select ready to use components from the RADpage component library and add them to your pages.

If you on the other hand cooperate with programmers RADpage can help to integrate design and programs. Currently you probably give the design to the programmers who incorporate it into the program. This is inflexible since programmers are needed all the time. Using RADpage things work the other way round. Programmers create components that the designers can position on your pages.

heitml Design Features
<component name> to use a heitml Component
<if> Tag to control execution of conditional parts of a Web Page
<include> to insert other documents
<def> to define your own new Tags
<defenv> to define environment Tags (Tags that require an end-tag)
<dbdisplay> to select from and format the output of Database Relations
<mail> to send Email
Many Programming Features

RADpage can cooperate with a variety of WYSIWYG HTML editors. If your editor can handle embedded scripts (as many do) you can edit the page layout keeping the application in tact. Usually a WYSIWYG editor displays all dynamic heitml components as little icons.

If you on the other hand prefer to write HTML code yourself you will feel very familiar with RADpage. In fact all components are placed on the pages using the well-known HTML like tags. RADpage can even guide you into application development. The heitml language used by RADpage is similar to HTML but provides additional programming functionality. You can create complete applications by writing HTML-like tags instead of creating complex CGI programs.

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