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RADpage supports XML, xhtml, and HTML with additional tags representing components. The heitml middleware transforms these pages into classical HTML that is finally sent to the browser.

Applications created with RADpage and its component library run on any HTML browser (provided features added by the user using text editing functions are compatible with the browser). There are some components, however, that run in a compatibility mode if the browser does not support JavaScript or certain other features, so it is definitively required (as it is with plain HTML) to test the appearance of a site with different browsers.

The RADpage application builder on the other hand needs a fairly decent browser during development, i.e. Internet Explorer 5.01 or newer or Netscape 4.5 or newer. It might run on older browsers, but these have a tendency to crash or get unresponsive during work with RADpage.

Internet pages originally created with RADpage use well formed XML format. This makes your applications compatible with many XML based tools and editors. More precisely RADpage is based on an extended xhtml flavor of XML. The pages created with RADpage use xhtml as base language with additional elements representing components.

Because the heitml middleware transforms these XML files into HTML you can develop XML files right now while retaining full compatibility to older web browsers.

RADpage does not interfere with any source code inserted using text-editing functions. It also does not check the code for XML compatibility. If the code inserted is HTML (that does not adhere to the more strict XML rules) RADpage and heitml will still function correctly, while an XML editor would flag an error.

Using RADpage's import function existing HTML pages can be handled. The import function manages to retain most of the original source code; especially it does not restructure the HTML source code as XML. This way you can continue working on your existing HTML code, continuing to use your favorite HTML editor for the layout.

For compatibility with Operating Systems and Database Systems see Supported Platforms

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