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Web Server Based Approach

heitml is a Web Server based extension to HTML. What this means, and the implications it has for Web Pages and Web-based Applications development is explained in the following paragraphs.

To show a Web Page, your Browser contacts a Web Server where the desired page is stored. Then it downloads the page through the Internet. The page itself is written in HTML. To display the page, the Browser interprets the HTML and formats it as nicely as possible to fit within the confines of your Browser window.

Normally when there is something new in HTML, it is a new feature of the Browser. However, it is not that way with heitml. heitml is installed on the Web Server and translates heitml pages into HTML pages. After translation, an ordinary HTML page is transmitted through the Web to the Browser. For this reason, heitml is and always will be compatible with all past and future HTML standards, and will never favor the features of one Browser over another. The end-user does not have to concern himself with anything special to access heitml Web Pages (i.e. no plug-ins need to be downloaded and installed).

Once heitml has been installed on the Server, you as a page Author suddenly find a wealth of new and much more powerful Tags available to suit your needs. Special pre-developed Tag Libraries and heitml's own enhanced programming features greatly simplify your development procedure. You create HTML pages just as you always have, using your favorite text editor, and then put them on the Web Server the same way as you always did.

Since heitml needs to be installed on the Web Server, your Internet Service Provider will handle the installation procedure for you, along with any configuration options required by whichever Operating System they are running. You could also elect to install a Web Server on your own machine at home or the office to develop and test pages locally before placing them into production.

Web Browsers have a function to show HTML pages that are located on your hard disk. Many people who have their Web Site hosted by an Internet Service Provider use this function to test their HTML pages before placing them on the Server. To test your heitml pages locally however, you first need to install the RADpage Developer version.

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