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heitml and Apache

The Apache Web Server software for UNIX Operating Systems is a phenomenon. Although Microsoft and other companies also provide free Web Server software, Apache is by far the most popular Web Server on the market, as shown by the Netcraft survey .

Apache is powerful, fast, and is continually updated to stay at the leading edge of technology. For this reason H.E.I. uses Apache on its own UNIX Server, and provides a version of heitml that takes full advantage of the fast Apache API interface.

Using Apache in combination with one of the free UNIX Operating Systems, it is possible to create a powerful, professional Server at very low cost on standard hardware. Those who expect to operate in high traffic environments will find that Apache works equally well with high-end workstations.

In the future, Web-based applications and transaction processing systems will become a part of everyday life for most people. Catalog Shopping systems that draw information from online databases are just part of the enormous range of applications one can expect to find. Everything that will be done online will be done by such systems.

We believe the Apache Web Server provides a good foundation for the development of commercial applications, and our goal is to deliver the tools required to build those applications.

With Apache, heitml, and one of the free, low cost, or medium cost SQL Database software packages, a Web Database Server of high speed can be created for a much smaller price than a comparable NT server. Since heitml is free for non-commercial and educational organizations, with versions available for a wide range of SQL Databases, these organizations will find that they can put together their own transaction processing systems for little more than the cost of the hardware.

Users of heitml will be pleased to discover that heitml provides cross-compatibility for anyone operating in multiple OS environments. heitml Web Pages developed on UNIX/Apache are compatible with those running on Microsoft IIS, so long as suitable databases with equivalent features are used. Therefore, it is possible to develop applications for an Apache host, and later transfer those applications to Windows NT without incurring expensive, time-consuming delays for re-development. This means the investment you make in custom-built applications is safe.

Best of all, it is possible to develop and test heitml Web Pages on Windows either remotely or locally using the Developer version. ISPs in particular will find this of interest, as it allows their customers to create pages on their PCs at home and, when they are ready to be placed in production, upload them just like HTML pages to the appropriate server.

More technical information on heitml and Apache is found here .

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