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Control Structures

Control structures enable you to dynamically hide or show certain parts of a heitml page. You can also show certain parts repeatedly.


<if SrvTime &lt; 110000000>
   Good Morning, you are guest number
   <counter name="morning"> this morning.

shows the text "Good Morning..." when SrvTime < 110000000 (i.e. before 11 in the morning), otherwise it shows "Hello".

Note that the "morning"-counter is on the page only before 11 am. The <if> tag works on all aspects of a component, so a component isn't just hidden; it won't perform any function unless the condition is true. Therefore, in our example, the counter counts only in the morning.


The content shows up only if show is set to true. Cond is useful especially when a dynamic condition is used, which is possible when programming .
Property Kind Description
ShowCheckbox Can be true or false. 
NegateCheckbox Negates the condition. 

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