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Action Methods

heitml contains programmable interactive components, most prominently iaLink and iaButton. These show up as a link or button, respectively. When the button or link is pressed, a user-defined action is performed.

The actions must be programmed in heitml. Therefore, the RADpage Component Editor shows an Extend button when a programmable interactive component is selected. Clicking on the extend button displays a pop-up window where the heitml action code can be entered.

Note: The demo Web site contains a comprehensive "Hello world" example that demonstrates this kind of programming.

Output produced by the action methods does not appear on the page. In fact the action method is performed before the page is generated. It is however possible to show the output for debugging purposes using the debugdisplay component.

Action method can modify variables or call methods of components, in order to implement a certain function. By browsing the Component Reference you find documentation on the methods provided by each component. For example there is the iaContainer component. It contains arbitrary HTML text. However using the iaIns tag an action method can modify the content and so change parts of the page.

Also many other components have action methods that can be programmed. For example a mailform has a checkinput method, that can check the users input before sending an email. A dbform has a method checkrecord to test the user input. Please consult the Component Reference for a complete listing of all action methods that can be overwritten.

Note: For some components no extend button appears in the RADpage window. Please use the Extend menu item inside the Inspector Mode select box instead.


A link to the same page. Following the link executes a program fragment. Click on the Extension button to edit this program fragment.
Property Kind Description
FragmentString(10) The link's fragment identifier. If you want the link to `point' to a specific element on your page, give that element an id attribute, and enter the id here.  

Show an interactive button that is associated with a action routine. By clicking on the Extension button you can edit the executed text.
Property Kind Description
ValueString(10) Button Label 

A container displays some HTML text that can be changed by an program. The container initially shows the text given inside the environment. The text can be changed arbitrarily with <iaIns>.
Property Kind Description

Show various information for debugging purposes.
Property Kind Description
ShowffCheckbox Show Form Fields (ff)  
ShowseCheckbox Show Session Fields (se)  
ShowpagesCheckbox Show all Saved Page Variables  
ShowpageCheckbox Show Page  
ShowoutputCheckbox Show Processing Test Output 

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