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Component catalog


Selects products from the database and displays them. Several search criteria can be given to select the products to be displayed and the sort order can be specified.

This environment is not intended to allow the end user to search the product database. See for that. Producttable is used for fixed pages displaying a preselected part of the product database.

Please put a repeatable layout inside producttable.


< catalog ... > ... < /catalog >


Include File: catalog.hei
Session Mode: create


Property Kind Description
PidString  List of Product identifiers of all products to be shown. If empty all products are shown. % can be used as wildcard character.  
KindString  Kind of products to be shown. Several kinds can be given separated by commas. % can be used as wildcard character. 
DescrString  Description of products to be shown. Several Descriptions can be given separated by commas. % can be used as wildcard character. 
MinpriceReal  Minimal Price. Only more expensive products are shown. 
MaxpriceReal  Maximal Price. Only cheaper products are shown. 
OrderString(60)  Orders the result table based on the given field.  

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