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RADpage Component List

ComponentShort DescriptionFileSession
a Link
address Address Paragraph
basket Show the shopping basket as a table. coshop.heisession
basketclearCreates a link to clear the shopping basket.coshop.heisession
basketevalForm buttoncoshop.hei
basketfldShow Field of Product. coshop.heisession
basketnumberInput field showing number of products. coshop.heisession
basketremoveLink to remove a productcoshop.heisession
baskettaxShow Field of Product. coshop.heisession
blockquote Quoted Text Paragraph
bodyHTML body tag
brLine Break
caption Table Cell
catalog Displays Products from the Database catalog.heisession
catalogeditCreate a link for editing of the current product. catalog.heisession
catalogfldShow Field of Product catalog.heisession
catalogimgShow Product Image. catalog.heisession
cataloglinkCreate a link for displaying the current product. catalog.heisession
catalognumberA field to add a product from the catalog to the basketcatalogsession
catalognumberinbasketDisplay number of items in basketcatalogsession
catalogorderA link to add a product to the basketcatalog.heisession
catalogproductProduct Displaycatalog.heisession
catalogremoveA link to remove the current product from the basket.catalog.heisession
catalogtextA link to add a product to the basketcatalog.heisession
center Centered Text
clockDisplay current date and time.cotime.hei
cobox Enclose text into a box with customizable border and color. colayout.hei
componenteditingfile Declare container file as file for component editing
condConditional, expects true or false as a parametercoprog.hei
condbrowserConditional on user's browser.cobrowser.hei
conddbpasswordConditional based on dbform with valid password checkformfields.hei
conddebugConditional based on debug mode
condemptybasketShows up only if shopping basket is empty.coshop.heisession
condemptyfieldShows up only if a field is empty.copanel.hei
condenabledConditional based on enabled form formfields.hei
condfieldShows up only if a field has a certain value.copanel.hei
condinbasketShows up only if product is in shopping basket.coshop.heisession
condlanguageShow the content only for a certain languagecolang.hei
condnullfieldShows up only if a field is null.copanel.hei
condtopdomainConditional based on the top level domain.cobrowser.hei
conduserShows up only if a certain user accesses the page.cobrowser.hei
counter Web Counter cocounter.hei
countersummary Show Web Counter Summary Information cocounters.heisession
dbautokeyAuto key generation fielddbform.heisession
dbautotimeAuto insertion of time fielddbform.heisession
dbconstrainAdd a search constraint.dbdisplay.hei
dbcontainerDatabase Record Containerdbcontainer.heisession
dbdisplaydisplay the result of a database querydbdisplay.hei
dbdistinctUnique Searchdbdisplay.hei
dbemptyqueryShow on empty query resultdbdisplay.hei
dbfieldoperatorFormbutton to select operator on a query form.queryfields.hei
dbformDatabase record formdbform.heisession
dbformatSpecify the formatting of a dbdisplay.dbdisplay.hei
dbformbuttonDatabase record form buttondbform.hei
dbformlinkDatabase record link.dbform.hei
dbjoinAdd (Join) another relation to the query.dbdisplay.hei
dbjoincond Join condition. dbdisplay.hei
dbnestedconstrainAdd a search constraint with an enclosing panel field.dbdisplay.hei
dboptionsSelection menu options to choose from a database relationextfields.heisession
dborderfieldSpecifies a sort field. The result is sorted according to this field.dbdisplay.hei
dbpanelDatabase record paneldbform.heisession
dbpasswordDbform Password fielddbform.heisession
dbquerybuttonCreate a button to trigger the specified action. queryfields.heisession
dbqueryfieldAdd a search constraint with a field of the query form.dbdisplay.hei
dbscrollerDisplay the scrollable result of a database query. dbscroller.heisession
dbscrollformatSpecify the formatting of a dbdisplay.dbscroller.heisession
dbselectfieldSelect a field from the databasedbdisplay.hei
dbselectlinkMessage Link used in autoformat of dbdisplay/dbscrollerdbdisplay.hei
dbsqlAdd an SQL search constraintdbdisplay.hei
dbtextcolumnauto format columndbdisplay.hei
dd Definition
debugdisplayDisplay information.codebugprog.hei
dfieldDisplays a field in user-defined format.copanel.hei
dfieldallDisplays all fields of current panel.codebugprog.hei
dfieldareaDisplays a field in user-defined format.copanel.hei
dfieldtimeDisplays a time field in user-defined format.cotime.hei
displayDisplay a valuecoprog.hei
div Text Division
dl Definition list
dlinkLink to dbform for display/editcopanel.hei
dmailtoDisplays a mailto link for a field.copanel.hei
dt Definition Item
expireDeclare page's cache expiration timecoheader.hei
fieldautoAutomatically filled out fieldextfields.hei
fieldboolBoolean fieldextfields.hei
fieldchangebuttonButton to change a field's valueformfields.hei
fieldcheckboxA check box.formfields.hei
fieldfileuploadFile select for uploadextfields.hei
fieldhiddenHidden fieldformfields.hei
fieldintInteger fieldformfields.hei
fieldradioRadio buttonextfields.hei
fieldrealReal number fieldformfields.hei
fieldselectSelection menuextfields.hei
fieldtextText fieldformfields.hei
fieldtextareaText area fieldformfields.hei
fieldtimeTime fieldtimefields.hei
fileoptionsSelection menu options to choose from a directoryextfields.hei
formbuttonForm buttonformfields.hei
h1First Level Heading
h2Second Level Heading
h3Third Level Heading
h4Fourth Level Heading
h5Fifth Level Heading
h6Sixth Level Heading
heitmlparaprogEncapsulate an programcoprog.hei
heitmlprogEncapsulate an programcoprog.hei
hpar heitml paragraph. colayout.hei
hrHorizontal Line
htext Show Text with customized character formatting. colayout.hei
iabuttonInteractive Buttoncointeract.heisession
iacontainerNamed Containercointeract.heisession
iadbselectlinkInteractive Message Link used in autoformat of dbdisplay/dbscrollerdbscroller.heisession
iadlinkInteractive Link to dbform for display/editcointeract.heisession
iajsbuttonInteractive Link Submitting a Formcointeract.heisession
ialinkLink with associated heitml actioncointeract.heisession
iamsglinkInteractive Link sending a message when pressed.cointeract.heisession
imagecounter Web Counter using Images cocounter.hei
includepage Include another page. The page is identified by its local URL.inclpage.hei
insertmark Insert Mark
li List Item
lineOne per Line.repeater.hei
listingListing text
mailbasketInsert a shopping basket the email text.coshop.hei
mailformMail formmform.hei
mailformbuttonMail form buttonmform.hei
mailpreviewMail text preview panelmform.hei
mailsentAction after mail has been queuedmform.hei
mailtextMail textmform.hei
mailtextareaMail text preview/edit fieldmform.hei
mailuseraddressField for user's mail addressmform.hei
mbfInsert a shopping basket field value into the email text.coshop.hei
modtimeDisplay page's modification time cotime.hei
msglinkLink sending a message when pressedcopanel.hei
mtfInsert a form field value into the email text.mform.hei
mtfallInsert all form fields into the email text.mform.hei
mtfclockInsert date and time into email text.mform.hei
mtfremoteInsert information on the remote host.mform.hei
multicntShow Multiple Countercomultiple.hei
multicondConditions based on the Multiple Counter.comultiple.hei
multipleDisplay something multiple times.comultiple.hei
multipleinDisplay something for each field of an objectcomultiple.hei
object HTML Object Tag
ol Numbered List
olanextGo to the next page in the current section.
olaprevGo to the previous page within the current section.
olatnextGo to the next page.
olatprevGo to the previous page.
olaup Go to the enclosing section.
olentrySingle page entry in woutline.
ollink Link to another page within the outline, by giving the page name.
ollinkname Link to another page within the outline. The link contains the page name.
olname Show the name of the current Page.
olnumber Show the number of the current Page in the form x.y.z.
olnumber1 Show the number of the current Page.
olsectionSection entry of woutline
olselectQuick navigation using a select box.
olstructureCreate a structured table of content for a certain section.
olsubmenu Create a plain table of content of a certain section. outline.hei
optionSelection menu optionextfields.hei
optionotherSelection menu option that prompts for valueextfields.hei
p Text Paragraph
panelerrorsShow error messages of current panel.formfields.hei
paraOne per Paragraph.repeater.hei
pp Text Paragraph
prePreformatted text
productbuttonProduct order Buttoncoshop.hei
productformProduct Formcoshop.hei
productnumberA field to add a product to the basketcoshop.heisession
productnumberinbasketDisplay number of items in basketcoshop.heisession
productorderA link to add a product to the basketcoshop.heisession
productremoveA link to remove a product from the basket.coshop.heisession
producttextA link to add a product to the basket.coshop.heisession
radpagedocumentationlink Link to Documentation
radpagelink Link to Component Editor
radpageoptions Set RADpage Options radpagecon.hei
randomSelect a possibility on a random basis.corandom.hei
randomimgSelect a possibility on a random basis.corandom.hei
redirectionRedirect client's browser to another URI.coheader.hei
rpartRandom Partcorandom.hei
sampExample text
scrollerbarnumdisplays a scroll bar scroller.hei
scrollercontrollinedisplay scroll buttons and scroll barscroller.hei
scrollercontrolsdisplay scroll buttons and scroll barscroller.hei
scrollerlinkdisplay a scroll buttonscroller.hei
scrollerrecordcountdisplay number of records foundscroller.hei
sepItems separated by a separator string.repeater.hei
sesformSession-mode formsesform.heisession
sespanelSession-mode panelsesform.heisession
setlanguageSets the current languagecopanel.hei
simpleformSimple formpanel.hei
sleformSession-less formsleform.hei
slepanelSession-less panelsleform.hei
styleSpecifies a style sheet for the page.
table HTML Table
td Table Cell
th Table Headline Cell
tr Table Row
uPlain Text to Repeatrepeater.hei
ul Unnumbered list
xmpExample text

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