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Component sesform


Session-mode form. This is the main form used in programs. Read more about the form programming .


< sesform ... > ... < /sesform >


Component must not be used inside a form.
Include File: sesform.hei
Session Mode: create


Property Kind Description
StateString(60) Use to disable form fields. 
MethodString(60) HTTP method to submit the form data set.
Value "post" should be used when form processing causes side effects, e.g. modifies a database, and if the form contains fieldfileupload.  
EnctypeString(60) Content type for method "post". Use "multipart/form-data" with fieldfileupload.  
SuccessuriString(60) Continue with this URI after the form has been submitted successfully.  
FragmentString(10) Section name (The # part of the action URI without the #). No effect on successuri. 


Name Description
ffObject containing all correct form fields current values. If the user entered an illegal value into a field the field is not contained in ff.
okContains true or false. ok is true, if the form was read from the browser and all form fields contained good values.
successContains true or false. success is true, if ok is true and additionally processing of the pressed button returned success.


The component inherits Attributes, Methods, and Hookmethods from the following superclasses:

panel The ff attribute and the access functions panelobj(n) and panelfield(n) are important.


oncheck (msg) This hook is called after all form fields and subpanels are checked. msg contains the data entered by the user. this.ff can be accessed and contains the checked form fields. this.ok is defined, this.success is not. Must return null in case of success. The form (button) is processed only if oncheck returned null.

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