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Component panel


A Panel is the simplest and most general component that can contain field components. You might want to use a panel only within a program that evaluates field values before the panel is displayed. Tutorial

Panel is the base class of all components that can contain field components. A panel provides the basic functionality to communicate with the field components. The ff attribute and the value property can be used to define the field vales. The state property can be used to set the state of the field components enclosed.

Note that many other components inherit the ff attribute, the value property, and the panleobj/panelfield function from panel. See the Class Hierarchy and the Panel Introduction.


< panel ... > ... < /panel >


Include File: panel.hei
Session Mode: none


Property Kind Description
StateString(60) Field State. Note that states other than display are valid only if the panel is nested inside a form. 
ValueTuple An object can be passed as value parameter. It becomes the ff object of the component  


Name Description
ff is an object containing the panel fields to be displayed.


panelobj (n) The function panelobj(n) the enclosing panel. n=0 means the current panel, n=1 the enclosing panel etc.

panelfield (n) The function panelfield(n) returns the ff object of an enclosing panel. n=0 means the current panel, n=1 the enclosing panel etc.

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