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Component imagecounter


Display a Web counter. Normally the Web counter increments by one with every access of the page and the current counter value is shown. However the counter can be frozen or be hidden by giving several options.

The counter is displayed as a sequence of images one for each digit.


< imagecounter ... />


Include File: cocounter.hei
Session Mode: none


Property Kind Description
FrozenCheckbox By checking this box the counter can be frozen. It will no longer increment. 
HiddenCheckbox By checking this box the counter can be hidden. It still increments in the background, but does not show up. 
NameString(15) This is normally empty. You can use it to place the same counter on two different pages, e.g. hidden and incrementing on one page and visible and frozen on another. In this case use the same counter name on all these pages.  
SrcString(15)  src must give the URL of an image that displays a single digit. A question mark (?) inside the URL is replaced by the corresponding digit (0...9).  
HeightInteger  Image Height  
WidthInteger  Image Width  

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