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Component dbscroller


Displays the result of a database query. Initially all records of a certain Relation are selected. The maximal number of records display is given in the Number Parameter. It is set to 3 initially which is fine for debugging.

By clicking on constrain you can add constraints on the records selected. By clicking on fields you can select what fields should be selected. Using Join Relations you can create queries on multiple database relations.


< dbscroller ... > ... < /dbscroller >


Include File: dbscroller.hei
Session Mode: create


Property Kind Description
RelationRelation Name Database Relation to be shown 
NumberInteger Maximal number of records 
AutoreadCheckbox Automatically execute a query 
ShowconstraintsCheckbox Show Constraints for debugging 
ShowsqlCheckbox Show SQL query (for debugging) 
MsgallowedString(60) Accepted messages. The enabled functions can be activated from the browser. 


Kind Description
search Automatic query search. The key fields of the messages are compared with the fields of the same name contained in the database. Default comparison operator is like "%...%". Other operators can be selected using dbfieldoperator.
query Query search. The query can use dbqueryfield to compare key fields with database fields.
display Query search. The key fields of the message must be equal to the fields in the database with the same name.
clear Clears the scrollers content.


The component inherits Attributes, Methods, and Hookmethods from the following superclasses:

dbdisplay Uses the same set of components to formulate queries.
panel The ff attribute and the access functions panelobj(n) and panelfield(n) are important. See .


onempty () Called if an empty dbscroller is displayed. An empty scroller displays nothing unless onempty is defined.

onquery () Called immediately before the database is queried.

onmsg (msg) Called before a message msg is processed.

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