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Component fieldtextarea


Text area field. Works like a text field but is displayed using multiple lines. The body of the component contains the default field content.


< fieldtextarea ... > ... < /fieldtextarea >


Component must be used inside a form.
Include File: formfields.hei
Session Mode: none


Property Kind Description
NameString(10) Field name. 
RowsInteger Area height in characters. 
ColsInteger Area width in characters. 
MandatoryCheckbox Check to require the user to fill out the field. 
WrapString(60) Control automatic wrap.
  • off Text is not automatically wrapped. Lines are sent to the Web server exactly as typed.
  • virtual The display word wraps, but long lines are sent to the Web server as one line without any new-line markers.
  • physical The display word wraps, and the text is transmitted as separate lines based on the wrap points.
TrimCheckbox Check to trim leading and trailing white-space from value. 
EmptyCheckbox Check to allow input of empty strings. If not checked empty input means null. 
DescrString A description of the field value. 
ErrmsgString An error message that is shown if the user enters a wrong value. 
FormatString(60) Formatting in display mode  
EnvString(60) Text Block Formatting in display mode  
MaxlengthInteger Limit to the length of the field's value. 
StateString(60) Is field disabled? 

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