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Component dbselectlink


Link to another component to handle the current record. dbselectlink must be used inside the automatic format of a dbdisplay or dbscroller. It adds a new column containing an HTML-link. When the link is clicked the component specified by receiver on the page specified by href gets a message. Typically this is a dbform or dbcontainer to display the record or another dbdisplay or dbscroller.


< dbselectlink ... > ... < /dbselectlink >


Include File: dbdisplay.hei
Session Mode: none


Property Kind Description
HrefString(60) Destination URL 
ActionString(60) Action to be performed by the receiver 
ReceiverString(60) Destination Component 
KeyString(20) Key field used to identify the record. Key can also be a comma separated list of key field names. Field names can be preceded by 'targetname=' id the receiver uses different key field names.  
TitleString(20) Title of the Link column 
WidthInteger % Width of the link column 
BgcolorString(60) Table field parameters 
AlignLeft, Middle, Right  
ValignTop, Middle, Bottom  
UrlparString(20) Parameters appended to the URL. (The ? part of the URL excluding the #). 

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