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Component dbformbutton


Database form button used to trigger one of several actions of a dbform. It must be used on a dbform.
The value is used to render the button depending on the button layout. Name must be a unique name for the button inside the form.


< dbformbutton ... > ... < /dbformbutton >


Include File: dbform.hei
Session Mode: none


Property Kind Description
NameString(10) Button name. 
ValueString(10) Button Label. 
LayoutString(60) Input is a standard HTML submit button, image shows an image on the button, link creates a link (needs JavaScript), compatlink a link or button depending on the browser, button an HTML4.0 button (must occur just once at end of form), mbutton an HTML 4.0 button (needs JavaScript), and compatbutton an HTML 4.0 button or normal button depending on the browser;  
TypeString(60) Select the button's action.  
SrcString(20)  Image Url, only used for layout=image  
BorderInteger Border Size, only used for layout=image  
StateString(60) Is button visible and enabled ? 

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