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Library Files

heitml comes with a lot of library files to be included in your pages. Most of these files are component libraries that contain components.

basic.heiComponent Library of basic HTML components. Any page that is generated with the wizard or that should be edited with the component editor must include this file.
browcomp.heiInternal Library with basic routines to support browser compatible programming
catalog.heiComponent Library for product catalogs
cobrowser.heiComponent Library of browser type dependent components.
cocond.heiComponent Library of conditional and adaptive components.
cocounter.hei Component Library of counter components.
cocounters.hei Component Library of counter summary components.
codebugprog.hei Component Library containing components useful for debugging.
coheader.hei Component Library containing header manipulation components.
cointeract.hei Component Library containing interactive programming components.
colang.hei Component Library containing language handling components
colayout.hei Component Library containing layout components
colors.hei Color definitions useful for very old browsers, heitml 1 Compatibility Library
comultiple.hei Component Library containing the multiple component
copanel.hei Component Library containing panel
coprog.hei Component Library containing programming components
corandom.hei Component Library containing components for random content
coshop.hei Component Library containing shopping components
cotime.hei Component Library containing date/time components
counter.hei heitml 1 Compatibility Library
dba.heiheitml 1 Compatibility Library
dbdisplay.hei Component Library containing the dbdisplay component
dbform.hei Component Library containing the dbform component
dbq.hei heitml 1 Compatibility Library
dbs.hei heitml 1 Compatibility Library
dbscroller.hei Component Library containing the dbscroller component
dbutil.hei Internal Library
dt2.hei Library of date time operations
errlib.hei Internal Library used to format heitml debug output
extfields.hei Component Library of extended fields
fileutil.hei Internal Library of file operations
formbase.hei Internal Library used within forms
formfields.hei Library of heitml form field components
header.hei Library for header manipulation
htmlext.hei Useful HTML macros
inclpage.hei Internal Library
javasc.hei Internal Library for JavaScript interfacing
layoutlib.hei Library used by page layout files
mailform.hei heitml 1 Compatibility Library
math.hei Some very simple mathematical functions.
mform.hei Component Library containing the mail form
nocomp.hei include to inhibit component editing in a file
outline.hei Library containing outline tags as well as components
queryfields.hei Component Library containing fields for query forms
repeater.hei Component Library containing repeater components
scroller.hei Internal Library containing routines used by the scroller
ses.hei Session mode library
sesfield.hei heitml 1 Compatibility Library
sesform.hei Component Library containing the sesform component
sleform.hei Component Library containing the sleform component
std.hei Library of standard definitions. The is usually included everywhere.
time.hei Internal Library
timefields.hei Component Library of time fields

Component Libraries contain component definitions. All components are documented in the Component Reference, so there is no special documentation on these files in the class library reference.

Internal Libraries are used by other libraries and should not directly be references by the user. The libraries fileutil, javasc, browcomp, and time contain new functionality, that has not yet fixed interfaces. Using an internal library directly will probably require some modifications in your applications when upgrading to the next version of heitml.

heitml 1 Libraries are provided for compatibility to heitml 1. They should not be used for new projects. More information on heitml 1 compatibility is found here.

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