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Math Library

You need to insert

< include name="math.hei" />

into the beginning of your page to use the following functions.

The Source Code file math.hei, located in the lib directory, is part of the package you receive when you download heitml.

We only have a few math function yet, but you are free to define the math functions you need. If you are using heitml on UNIX, you can even add built-in math functions through the userfun.c module.

Also, don't forget that there are already quite a number of heitml Built-in Numerical functions to serve your needs, so be sure to review that section of the Language Reference.


input:resulting output:
<? abs(42)>42
<? abs(-42)>42
<? abs(12-42)>30


input:resulting output:
<? sqr(5)>25
<? sqr(sqr(5))>625


input:resulting output:
<? cube(3)>27
<? cube(sqr(2))>64


input:resulting output:
<? power(2,16)>65536
<? power(cube(sqr(2)),4)>16777216


input:resulting output:
<? log10(-1) "Nn">null
<? log10(0) "Nn">null
<? log10(.001)>-3
<? log10(.1)>-1
<? log10(1)>0
<? log10(10)>1
<? log10(50)>1
<? log10(100)>2

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