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HTML Extensions Library

The HTML Extensions Library contains some tag definitions that act as abbreviations for often used sequences of HTML tags.


< showlink src />

src should be a legal link. Showlink writes the link on the screen and makes it a link to itself.


input:resulting output:
<showlink "">

The prefix "http://" can be left out and is automatically added:

input:resulting output:
<showlink "">

< showmail src />

src must be an email address. Showmail writes the email address on the screen and makes it a link to itself.


input:resulting output:
<showmail "">


< red > ... </red>

Prints the included text in red. Also green, blue, yellow, black, and white environments are available.

< box bgcolor=null border=null > ... </box>

Print the inner part in a

with a border around it. With bgcolor a background color can be specified.

< hspace n=1 c=" " />

Writes n times the &bsp character creating some empty horizontal space. Just like                      this. Also another character can be used e.g. < hspace "10" "."> produces ...........

< vspace n=1 c="<br>" />

Writes n times the <br> tag creating some empty

vertical space. Also another tag can be used e.g. < vspace "5" "<hr>"> produces

heitml Stuff

< mheitml />

Writes: " heitml "

< signheitml />

Writes: " This page was dynamically generated by heitml "

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