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Math Library

The Source Code file math.hei, located in the lib directory, is part of the package you receive when you download heitml.

We only have a few math function as of today (), but you are free to define the math functions you need. If you are using heitml on UNIX, you can even add built-in math functions through the userfun.c module.

Also, don't forget that there are already quite a number of heitml Built-in Numerical functions to serve your needs, so be sure to review that section of the Language Reference.


input:resulting output:
<? abs(42)>42
<? abs(-42)>42
<? abs(12-42)>30


input:resulting output:
<? sqr(5)>25
<? sqr(sqr(5))>625


input:resulting output:
<? cube(3)>27
<? cube(sqr(2))>64


input:resulting output:
<? power(2,16)>65536
<? power(cube(sqr(2)),4)>16777216


input:resulting output:
<? log10(-1) "Nn">null
<? log10(0) "Nn">null
<? log10(.001)>-3
<? log10(.1)>-1
<? log10(1)>0
<? log10(10)>1
<? log10(50)>1
<? log10(100)>2

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