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Defining Your Own Tags

heitml allows you to add new Tags to HTML. You define these Tags using the def Tag. This is very useful for abbreviations, for example

<def hey><b>h<i>ei</i>tml</b></def>

defines a new Tag, named hey, which expands to heitml written in bold letters.

input:resulting output:
<hey/> heitml

You can use these definitions to write less code and to help your pages maintain a consistent look. Changing the definition of the hei Tag changes the appearance of the heitml text everywhere in your pages!

With heitml you can also define your own environments. For example, you can define <box> as a Tag which prints text in a box. Here's how you would do that:

<defenv box>
   <table border>
     <tr> <td> <defbody> </td> </tr>

The text is put into a table with a border consisting of one column and one row.

input:resulting output:
<box>Text in a box.</box>
Text in a box.


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