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If you've ever been frustrated by the limitations of HTML, or wished you could add your own features, then you'll be happy to know that heitml gives you the creative freedom to do almost anything you've ever dreamed of.

In this section we show you just a few simple things that will have a tremendous impact on the way you work.

Defining your own Tags lets you combine any number of HTML Tags under a single name, saving you the time it would take to type them out individually, or cut and paste them from another page.

If you want your Web Site to maintain a consistent look from one page to another, you'll quickly learn to appreciate the value of defining and creating your own re-useable Page Layouts.

Page Counters are a popular feature of many Web Sites, but until now they required you to get involved with CGI scripts. That's why you'll love how easy it is to insert a Counter into any page you desire, simply by linking to an include file and calling a single pre-defined heitml Tag.

And if you've ever wondered how it is that some Web Sites seem to know so much about you, even if you've never visited them before, the Server Information page will show you how easy this is now that you have the built-in heitml Server Variables at your fingertips.

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