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RADpage and heitml Installation

Background Information

Technically the application builder RADpage and the heitml middleware are a single product and they are always installed together. So there is a single installation procedure for both.

Please remember the normal operation of the World Wide Web: There is client machine, on which the browser is running and there is the Web server on which the Web pages are stored. The Web server must have a permanent connection to the Internet. This is why many people do not have their own Web server but lease space on the Web server of an Internet Service Provider. In this case there is a third machine, the Web design computer, on which you prepare the Web pages for uploading to the Internet Service Provider.

RADpage and heitml run on the Web server (unlike most other application builders that run on the client and require the application being uploaded). If you have your own Web server then you can directly install RADpage. If you want to use an Internet Service Provider then you install RADpage remotely as a CGI script or you can select an ISP that supports it by default.

To try out RADpage or heitml or to develop heitml applications you can install heitml on your Web design computer.

Physical Server Installation

Use this to install on your own server machine. (for development, for an intranet site or for a server connected with a leased line).

Other Products Required

At a minimum, you will need a Web browser (Netscape 4, MSIE 5.01 or later) and an SQL-compatible Database program. On Windows, this can be simply use an MS Access ODBC driver or any other ODBC compatible database system. On UNIX there are various databases supported by heitml.

For normal development with the RADpage Developer version (on Windows) the database is actually all you need. For a production Web site you should also have a Web Server program. See our Supported Platforms page for details.



There is a RADpage Developer version that installs easily and is intended for site development only. Additionally there are two versions, a fast ISAPI version specifically for MS IIS/SQL Server, and a CGI version for all other Web Server - Database combinations.

Files come in the compressed Zip format, which can be de-compressed using any file extraction utility such as unzip, Winzip, or pkzip. Once the download package has been unzipped, read the readme files and then simply click on the setup.exe file to begin the installation. Please note, however, that you must have ODBC-32 installed as well as a Web Server before you install heitml.

Unix / Linux

There are many different UNIX versions, each developed for a specific variant of UNIX and Database combination. The page assists you in selecting the right version. Some versions operate as a module of the well known Apache Web server. Our Apache page and the README files in the download packages describe the installation process. More information on installation in conjunction with a certain other product is found on the Supported Platforms page.

After Setup

Once the setup program finishes you will be directed to an appropriate Readme file to perform a few additional steps that are necessary to get heitml talking to your Web Server and Database.

After that, you should be able to view the Local heitml Page in your Web Browser. This Local Page is the first of a series of Introductory pages that will take you on a step-by-step tour of heitml. If you follow these pages in an orderly and methodical manner, you will discover that we've taken the trouble to "put ourselves in your shoes", so to speak, and show you the things you need to know to learn heitml in the quickest, most effective manner.

Virtual Web Server Installation

You can install RADpage and heitml like a CGI script on a compatible virtual web server. Your virtual web site needs at least

  • CGI (your own scripts and the C programming language must be allowed).
  • UNIX (Linux, Solaris or FreeBSD). (Note RADpage runs on windows, but installation on a windows based web site currently must be done by the ISP).
  • a database

Installation works in two phases. First you copy the setup script on you server. Setup will then check your virtual web server for compatibility, select the right version of RADpage/heitml, download it, and install it. See CGI Setup for details.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I. See "Was ist AJAX? " (in German). In Germany H.E.I. provides Webdesign in Mannheim and Web Programming (Programmierung).
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