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heitml supports a great variety of configuration options. Most of them are for ISPs only who want to host several customers on one machine. So we have prepared Configuration Guidelines for the three most common application cases. This makes the heitml setup straight forward when used for development purposes on your local machine. However, if you run a server on that other people can publish pages, you must read the ISP configuration section. If heitml is not configured correctly this can easily compromise the security of your Web server.

Before that, however, we will explain how the configuration process works in general. At the end we give a reference about all configuration options heitml can process.

Directory Based Configuration

heitml is configured on a directory basis. A directory with heitml pages (.hei files) is called a heitml directory. heitml configuration options are put in a configuration file. There is always a global configuration file and there can be a local configuration in a heitml directory. The global configuration file contains common options that are valid for every heitml directory as well as directory-specific options. Directory-specific options overrule corresponding common options. Thus, all heitml pages on your server can be configured with the global configuration file. Refer to the Config Reference for more information about heitml configuration files and options.

Upon a request to a .hei file, the global and local configuration files are merged. Local configuration options overrule corresponding directory-specific/common options of the global configuration if overruling is turned on. There needs to be a configuration for every heitml directory.

We recommend to put all configurations options into the global configuration file. Configuration files can be modified with a text editor. On Windows, configuration files can be modified more comfortably with the heitml Configuration Assistant.

Configuration Guidelines


The reference contains a description of heitml configuration files and every heitml configuration option.

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