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RADpage and heitml are completely browser-based. The start URL for the documentation is http://yourcomputer/heitml2.1 and for the tutorial http://yourcomputer/heitml2.1/try.

After heitml and RADpage are installed on a Web server, you can place heitml-pages (in addition to HTML-Pages) on the server. heitml-pages use the .hei file extension. heitml pages can contain HTML tags as well as additional heitml tags. Besides that, you can handle heitml pages just like HTML pages.

Upon a request for a heitml page, the page is interpreted and the result is sent to the requesting browser. The heitml interpreter, however, does not operate on the heitml page itself (as former versions of heitml did), but works on a preprocessed heitml page instead. This preprocessing and the subsequent intermediate code interpretation drastically increases the performance of heitml execution. Pages are automatically preprocessed, so you usually do not need to care about preprocessing. You might, however, notice that pages are faster when requested a second time.

You can create heitml pages with a text editor, an HTML editor, a WYSIWYG editor or RADpage. In fact, you usually want to use two editors, since RADpage is intended to edit and configure the dynamic RADpage components but not for editing of the page layout. In any case, we recommend to use the RADpage wizard to initially generate page files.

heitml has extensive features for debugging during development as well as during production. In fact, the most important thing to know is that heitml does not reveal extensive error or debugging information to anybody. It reveals this information only to you (the one who developed the Web site). This means:

  • If you get a meaningless error message such as "a transient error...", heitml is not configured correctly in order to accept you as its programmer. Change the configuration (debugIp, debugUser, etc.) to see the full message.
  • Occasionally check the debugging directory denoted by debugDir. It contains debug information on errors that other people experienced while visiting your site.

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