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heitml Error Handling & Debugging Functionality

heitml offers error handling and debugging facilities to help you find and correct bugs, both during and after Web Page development.

heitml distinguishes between debugging and production mode. In debugging mode you develop Web Pages and heitml displays internal information to help you find and correct bugs.

Anyone else accessing your Web Site views heitml Pages in production mode. Error messages in production mode are suited for the normal user. In other words, they do not contain disturbing technical information, but simply tell the user that the requested Page is currently offline, or the database is not accessible, etc. This also prevents users from seeing internal details of your programs or database. However, heitml saves the necessary debugging information in an error log for later analysis.

heitml roughly distinguishes between two kinds of errors, syntax errors and runtime errors. In the case of a syntax error, heitml shows you the page in pretty printing mode and marks errors in the text. (In production mode the user is simply told that the page is currently offline.)

In the case of a runtime error, heitml displays all variables and parameters as well as the position where the error occurred. You can then browse through the page (as well as any included libraries) in pretty printing mode.

Refer to the following sub-pages in this section for further information on this topic:

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