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Format: TuSearch ( tuple, fieldname, val [, pos] )

Purpose: Search a tuple with certain field value val in a tuple of tuples, i.e. an array of tuples. The parameter tuple is a tuple that contains only tuples. The parameter fieldname must be string. Search for a tuple element in tuple that has a field fieldname with value val. The parameter val must be of type Integer, Real, or String. The search begin at index position 0, but the optional parameter pos (Integer) can override this, setting a higher start position.

Return Values: TuSearch() returns the index postion in tuple if the search was succesful, otherwise it return null.

Example 1:

heitml input:resulting output:
<? substRE("Hello World ??!","[[:punct:]]",".")>Hello World .?!
<? substallRE("Hello World ??!","[[:punct:]]","!")>Hello World !!!
<? substallRE("Hello World ??!","^.*?o(.*)d.*$","$1")> Worl
<? substallRE("First,Next,Last", "(?x: ^([^,]*) \, ([^,]*) \, ([^,]*) $)", "$3,$2,$1");>Last,Next,First
<? substallRE("<h1>The h1-Tag and the h2-Tag</h1>", "(?x: h(\\d))", "H$1");><H1>The H1-Tag and the H2-Tag</H1>
<? substallRE("<h1>The h1-Tag and the h2-Tag</h1>", "(?x: h((1)|(2)) )()", "H$2$3");><H1>The H1-Tag and the H2-Tag</H1>

See Also: TuSearch(), TuSearchTuple().

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