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Database Record Display

Using the database container a single record is displayed. The dbcontainer is always remote controlled. Usually a dbdisplay or a dbscroller shows a link for each database record to display the details. Clicking on that link will make the dbcontainer display the record. The dbcontainer can sit on the same or another page.

A dbcontainer can be placed on a page as any other component. In a second step fields can be added, either manually by using display field components or automatically by using the fields link and selecting the fields to be shown. RADpage gives a name to the component. This so called 'oid' is usually the word dbcontainer followed by a sequence number. You can however choose your own name here.

To add link into a dbdisplay use a dbselectlink component (select the dbdisplay or dbselectlink first then click on dbselectlink). dbselectlink needs the URL of the page with the dbcontainer as first parameter. Second parameter, action, must be display. Other actions are used for other components.

Third parameter, the receiver, is the oid of the dbcontainer. Finally there is the key parameter. It must denote a field name or a comma separated list of field names of the database relation. The fields must unambiguously identify a database record.

Besides dbselectlink there are other components that can send messages to remote control a dbcontainer see Messages.


Displays a single database record. Use message links to make the container display a certain record.
Property Kind Description
RelationRelation Name Database relation. 
MsgallowedString(60) Accepted messages. The enabled functions can be activated from the browser. 

Link to another component to handle the current record. dbselectlink must be used inside the automatic format of a dbdisplay or dbscroller. It adds a new column containing an HTML-link. When the link is clicked the component specified by receiver on the page specified by href gets a message. Typically this is a dbform or dbcontainer to display the record or another dbdisplay or dbscroller.
Property Kind Description
HrefString(60) Destination URL 
ActionString(60) Action to be performed by the receiver 
ReceiverString(60) Destination Component 
KeyString(20) Key field used to identify the record. Key can also be a comma separated list of key field names. Field names can be preceded by 'targetname=' id the receiver uses different key field names.  
TitleString(20) Title of the Link column 
WidthInteger % Width of the link column 
BgcolorString(60) Table field parameters 
AlignLeft, Middle, Right  
ValignTop, Middle, Bottom  
UrlparString(20) Parameters appended to the URL. (The ? part of the URL excluding the #). 

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