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Session Trace Library


Session Mode can keep track of every page the user visits within one session. You can switch on Session Trace at any time during a session, using the <sessionTrace> Tag. Once it is activated, Session Mode records the name of every page accessed, as well as the date and time it was accessed.

To display the information gathered, the <sessionShowTrace> Tag can be used. It shows a table of all pages accessed and the corresponding times.

Most often, however, you may want to access the information gathered directly by a page. Session Trace creates a session variable named trace, which is an array containing one entry per page accessed. Per page, a tuple is stored containing the date, the time, and the page accessed.


< SessionTrace />

Switches on session trace. Any further page accesses are recorded in the trace variable.

< SessionEndTrace />

Switches off session trace. The trace session variable is set to null.

< SessionShowTrace />

Shows a table of all page accesses during a session. To use <SessionShowTrace>, you need to include the sesfield.hei Library. The following example shows some output produced:

NrDate Time StepLink
0199705111548370001 /heitml1.2/examroot/sesstart.hei
1199705111548400002 /heitml1.2/examroot/sesnext.hei
2199705111548450003 /heitml1.2/examroot/sesparam.hei
3199705111548500004 /heitml1.2/examroot/sesparam.hei
4199705111548530005 /heitml1.2/examroot/sesstart.hei
5199705111548560006 /heitml1.2/examroot/sestrace.hei

As you can see, the link column actually contains links, which point back to the corresponding pages. (However, they do not work within this manual.)



se.trace is an array containing one record (or tuple) per page viewed. Each tuple contains date, time, step, and link fields. The date and time fields contain the date and time when the page was viewed. Step is the value of the se.step variable during the page view, and Link is the URL of the page viewed (absolute URL within the current server, without parameters).

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