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RADpage - Web Components

RADpage Web applications are constructed by placing one or more components on Web pages. Components can be complete mini-applications, like a shopping cart, or programming tools like a button. By combining various components powerful applications can be built.

RADpage includes a library of more than 150 components from the following areas:

  • Adaptive components to insert dynamic information into your pages like date and time. Conditional components to adapt the page content based on certain properties of the calling browser. Random components to change the page content based on a random basis.
  • Repeaters to repeat information and to format repeated information (like query results)
  • Form Fields that automatically display, process data and check their content.
  • Messages to remote control database components based on user input
  • Components to simplify Programming, for example buttons and links with programmable action
  • Forms that process the input based on user programmed actions.

Simple applications can be created by clicking a single component on a page and adjusting its attributes. More flexibility however is reached by combining several components. For example components can be nested, e.g. a form component cooperates with field components contained in the form. Another kind of cooperation scheme are event based messages send from one component to another one.

Using a heitml component is as easy as dragging it on the page using RADpage or as writing an XML tag on a page. Components can drastically simplify the interaction of graphic designers and programmers. Programmers just create components and graphic designers can use them without the help of the programmers.

Usually a big part of each Web site can be created reusing existing components. In addition you can create your own components or modify existing components using object-oriented inheritance. This finally leads to a big improvement in productivity retaining the flexibility of a programming language.

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