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Editing Programs using RADpage

In heitml, Internet pages and programs are the same thing. So you can edit pages that make heavy use of programming features with RADpage. However it depends on the page if this is beneficial.

RADpage modifies only the parts of a page, that are explicitly requested for modification. So if the parameters of a component are changed this changes only the component call and nothing else on the page. Care must be taken however with components that receive expressions as parameters. The current version of RADpage can only edit components with constant parameter values. If a component receives expressions as parameters it must be edited textually using the Source button of RADpage.

Per default, RADpage displays each component contained on the current heitml page with handles for editing. All components called from include files do not have handles. RADpage leaves include files untouched. A text editor needs to be used to edit include files.

If you define your own tags on a heitml page and call components inside, RADpage will edit these components as well. This is useful in many cases. In the remaining cases you can use the <nocompedit> environment to remove the handles from any components used inside.

This page was dynamically generated by the web application development tool RADpage of H.E.I.

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