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The static version of heitml is not connected to any Web Server, but generates the pages statically. That means heitml reads in heitml pages and produces HTML pages. These HTML pages are then put into the Web.

Usually the dynamic generation is much more powerful, but static generation also has advantages (e.g. if the pages contain some long running queries).

Technically, the static version is identical to the CGI version. The executable is simply called with different parameters.


Install the CGI version. Put the directory containing the heitml executable into the path used by your shell.


By typing

heitml filename

heitml runs on the given filename and produces output on stdout. You may redirect this to a corresponding HTML file. If this command is called a first time for a filename then the file is precompiled. Then only on a second call the file is executed.


Some Server Variables are not available if the heitml program is called statically. Therefore, you might want to set some CGI environment variables in your shell before you call the heitml program.

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