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Supported Platforms
UNIX PostgreSQL Version


heitml supports the PostgreSQL database system.


There are packaged versions of heitml/RADpage available for PostgreSQL on Linux which drastically minimize installation overhead. Please refer to the heitml/RADpage Download page on which version of PostgreSQL is supported by the latest heitml/RADpage release.

Furthermore, there are the generic versions of heitml/RADpage which come as a precompiled module, and which contain the database drivers as source code to work with any PostgreSQL version. You need to link in the PostgreSQL libpq library. Follow the instructions in the README file.


  • heitmluser, heitmlpasswd are required for newer versions of PostgreSQL. If not given PostgreSQL uses the user name under which the Web server is running.
  • heitmldbname must give the database name
  • heitmldbhost if given, the name of the host where the database server is running. In that case, communication is done over TCP/IP. If not given, communication is done with UNIX sockets on the local host.
  • heitmldbport if given, the port on the host where the database server is running

In addition, you have to configure access control on newer PostgreSQL server versions. In case the PostgreSQL server runs on the same host as the Web server and access to the PostgreSQL server is denied by default, add the following line to the PostgreSQL Host-Based Access (HBA) Control File pg_hba.conf (replace heitmldbname by the value specified with the heitmldbname option and heitmluser by the value specified with the heitmluser option):

local	heitmldbname	heitmluser	password
and restart the PostgreSQL server. Read the PostgreSQL documentation for details about access control.
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