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Shopping Basket


A RADpage shopping system consists of the following parts:

  • Order-Links that add certain products to the shopping basket
  • The shopping basket that shows the user what products have been collected so far.
  • The Orderform to finalize an order.
  • Optionally the product catalog used to store product information in a data base.

Initially you create an ordinary web site presenting all your products. In case you have many products you probably want to use the Product Catalog instead to maintain the product information in the database. In a second step add order links (productorder, producttext, productnumber) to each product description. This way customers can surf your site and collect products. Finally add a shopping basket page (Demo see Download Package) and an orderform page Orderform.

See also the tutorial for a complete shop example with a , a , and an .

Initially the shopping basket lists all products. The user can still edit the number of products ordered and press an eval button to reevalute prices.


Installation works by selecting the basket component from the Insert/Shopping menu and placing it on a page.


Feel free to delete basketfld components if not all fields should be displayed.

The layout of the basket can be changed freely. You can even replace the table layout by any other repeatable layout

You can replace the basketnumber components by basketfld if you do not want the user to change the numbers.

You can freely change the tax percentage given.

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