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Database Edit


The database edit application (Demo see Download Package) allows you to freely browse and manipulate a database table. Using the database form you can insert, update, search, and delete records. Using the search form you can search browse and scroll database records. The edit application contains all the features of the database search and of the registration application.

You will probably not use the edit application on a public web site but make heavy use of the edit application inside the private part of your web site, in order to maintain the database content.


Use the RADpage wizzard ("New Page" in the "File" menu) and select "Database Edit". Then you can select the database relation to edit. In a second step select what fields to show in the search form, in the scrollable table, and inside the insert/modification form.


There are plenty of things to configure. You might want to read the configuration section of the database display, search, and registration application to configure the corresponding parts of the edit application.

You might want to leave out certain functionality of the edit application, e.g. the search form, delete button, or details link.

You can program various methods of the dbform component, to check and modify a record before performing an insert, update, or delete.

Further Reading

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