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Database Registration


A registration application (Demo see Download Package) allows any visitor of your web site to register with you, i.e. to enter something into your database. There are public registration applications that anybody can view e.g. a guest book or a database driven list of related web sites. There are also non-public ones (Demo see Download Package) , like receiving an order or a request, that is intended for the web site owner only. Optionally the visitors of your site can update their entry, provided they registered using a password (Demo see Download Package) and non-public (Demo see Download Package) .

In most cases you will have an additional database edit application in a password protected area of your web site in order to maintain the database yourself.


Use the RADpage wizzard ("New Page" in the "File" menu) and select "Database Registration". Then you can select the database relation to show, public or non-public, password or non-password.


You probably want to add text to the Start page asking the user to register and to the success page thanking the user for the registration.

You probably want to check the mandatory select box of some of the field components and add an appropriate error message. Then the user receives an error message in case the fields are left empty. You can also add other constraints to the field values or you might want to use other field components (e.g. select boxes or check boxes) for certain fields.

By programming a CheckRecord method for the dbform component, you can programm complex consistency checks on the form content and you can calculate additional data to be stored in the database.

Further Reading

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