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Product Catalog


With RADpage you can choose to store the products in the database or to put them on the pages directly. The latter solution is simpler and was explained already. Storing the products in the database is very much advised if the product data changes frequently, or if there is a significant number of products.

A shop based on the RADpage shopping catalog consists of a database edit application used to maintain the product database and several pages presenting the products on the main web site. These pages use the shopping catalog component (Demo see Download Package) to display certain products contained in the database, according to certain criteria. Usually one designs a seperate page for each product kind listing all the products of this kind. You can however also structure your products according to other criteria.

See the RADpage for a complete shop.


To place a product catalog on a page use the "Insert" menu of RADpage and select Catalog from the shopping section.


The catalog component has various properties to select what products to display and in what order.

Initially the catalog component displays much information about each product. You can delete some fields for a more concise display. On the other hand you can add the catalogimg component to display images for each product.

Initially the catalog produces a textual link to order a product. You can replace the catalogtext component by catalogorder or catalognumber to use other elements, e.g. a form field to enter the number of products to order.

Normally the catalog displays a table of all selected products. You can remove the table and insert any other repeatable layout such as a list to format the product display.

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